Giant Alien Robots in Area 51

Scott C. Waring, a self-described ufologist, has found giant alien robots in Area 51. You can see them yourself. Type the exact coordinates into Google maps: 37°13’26.26″N 115°49’2.37”W See right next to the map pin, the outline of a giant alien robot? A military giant alien robot, if you believe Scott C. Waring. You can use… Read more »

Congress Takes on Packaging

A lot of our clients are in packaging. Packaging machinery really needs the combination of precision and power that Rexroth specializes in. Naturally, packaging companies often use Rexroth drive and motion control systems. But packaging has been a hot button issue recently. Packaging has disrupted supply chains during the pandemic, as food service packaging has… Read more »

Like a Bosch (Rexroth)

If you’re going to manufacture like a Bosch, you need the Bosh Rexroth technology.  But what does Bosch have to do with Rexroth? Georg Ludwig Rexroth began operating a water-powered hammer mill in 1795. This developed into an iron foundry over the next century. Then an engineering firm. They became known for their hydraulic pumps…. Read more »

Ecodrive03 and DKC Drives

Indramat Ecodrive03 models are perfect for using machine tools, printing, paper processing, packaging, and handling applications. But did you know there are eight different units of Ecodrive03 DKC drives, with three firmware variants, different interface options, and three different versions? That gives you a wide range of capabilities with one family of drives but each… Read more »

Automation Increases Safety in New Normal

new normal

As factories reopen across the United States, we’re beginning to see the new normal: Office workers doing their jobs remotely Line workers standing six feet apart, maybe with barriers between them Masks on all faces Stepped-up cleaning and disinfecting Temperature checking at the door Contact tracing for coronavirus victims These actions have kept essential workers… Read more »

Japan Produces a Flying Car… Maybe

 Japanese company SkyDrive has turned out a flying car… or have they? Not everyone agrees that the SkyDrive flying car is really a flying car. The problem is in the definition. The SkyDrive SD-03 can definitely fly. In the recent public test, the vehicle flew around for four minutes, a shorter flight than the… Read more »

Robot Surfing

Yes, this is a programmer surfing on, or at least with the aid of, a robot. Consider the programmer’s salary. Now think of the cost to build and run the robot. You should now be wondering whether there is any justification of any kind for this use of human and machine resources. There is a… Read more »

What’s In Indramat Manuals?

One of the best resources for Rexroth servo motors and servo drives is the manual itself—after all, the point of a manual is to give you all the information you need to operate and troubleshoot your Rexroth equipment. Manuals are the first place you should look when you have an Indramat or Rexroth drive and… Read more »

The Beastro Brings Robots to the Kitchen

Robots are ubiquitous in factories and logistics, common in sports and the performing arts, and increasingly important in agriculture and medicine. But they’ve been something of a tease in restaurants. From the Automat to Flippy, automated restaurants have not been what they seemed. Automating back office tasks is common and automated ordering is on the… Read more »

Greg Gumbs to be New CEO for Rexroth North America

Paul Cooke, president and CEO of Bosch Rexroth North America, will retire at the end of the year after  38 years with the company. The new president and CEO, Greg Gumbs, began with the company yesterday, and will step into his new position on December 1st. Gumbs will be located in Charlotte, North Carolina. He… Read more »

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