Keeping Safe in the Mechanical World

Factories and the automation they require have always created mixed emotions in human beings. Admittedly, we don’t know what emotions they would create in machinery, but people have an ambivalence toward automation. On the one hand, the conveyor belt and the assembly line did wonderful things for people. Goods could be made much more quickly… Read more »

Mental Health and Manufacturing

A recent study claims that workers in manufacturing are 36% more likely to have mental health issues than Americans in general. Mental health and manufacturing have some kind of connection. Is manufacturing rough on mental health? Or is there some other explanation? Mansplaining More men work in manufacturing. Men are not more likely than women… Read more »

Open Source Large Language Model Bloom

You may have heard of Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3 and LaMDA, software that uses huge data sets and machine learning to generate convincingly human-like language. Now the BigScience project has released an open source, volunteer-created LLM called Bloom. Bloom stands for BigScience Large Open-science Open-access Multilingual Language Model. It can function in 59… Read more »

Do You Need a Rexroth Hero?

Producing your quality product and getting it out the door into the hands of customers is your ultimate goal. If you can’t meet demand, you’re not ready for the big time in mass market retailers. If your Rexroth servo motors or drives fail, that failure will leave you with slower production, missed shipments, and an… Read more »

Asparagus-picking Robots

In general, robots aren’t very good at picking vegetables. Asparagus-picking robots are the exception. In 2015, Joe Jones, the inventor of the Roomba, classified vegetables by how easy it would be for a robot to pick them. They ranged from asparagus, which grows upwards in single spears, to eggplants, which shelter shyly among their leaves…. Read more »

Overselling Robots

A Scottish robotics researcher is working on robot-human interaction and trust. Her outfit is working on the use of robots in harsh conditions, such as extreme cold, unforgiving climates, and underwater locations. This project, a news tory claims, “has unveiled a new method of communication that allows machines and humans to speak the same language and… Read more »

Human Error and Automation

According to a major cybersecurity firm, 85% of data breaches are still the result of human error. This conflicts with our mental image of the brilliant but evil hacker using cutting edge technology to overcome sophisticated cybersecurity measures. It’s the password on a Post-it stuck to the computer monitor, the panicked click on an email… Read more »

How to Avoid Indramat Rexroth Downtime

Avoiding downtime with your Indramat and Rexroth equipment is probably high on your list of priorities or maybe right at the top if you’re in charge of Rexroth or Indramat maintenance. So what are our tips for ways to avoid downtime? Do routine checks on cables Just because your Rexroth equipment has been running without… Read more »

Amazon’s Proteus Robots

Proteus was an Ancient Greek sea god, a protector of rivers and other bodies of water. He spent his free time herding seals and prophesying the future. Amazon’s Proteus Robot is a new type of robot that is designed to help with warehouse tasks. Proteus is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), the first one that Amazon… Read more »

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