Rexroth Travel Range Errors

A lot of servo drive and control tasks boil down to this: go from place X to place Y and stop. This is true whether you are using 13 servos to create highly realistic movement in a movie spider or getting an arm to pick and place correctly on an assembly line. Errors in this… Read more »

Indradrive Error Messages

The Indradrive is a generational jump for Rexroth Electric Drives and Controls, and there are distinct differences between Indradrive and Indramat. One of the differences is the much greater number of error messages available to Indradrive, and the corresponding higher granularity of initial troubleshooting available. While the older series drives had a 4 digit (or… Read more »

Benefits of Robot-Assisted Surgery?

Robot-assisted surgery has been around since 1985, and has been growing in popularity since it was approved by the FDA in 2000. The DaVinci system, the first one to gain such approval, allows surgeons to sit comfortably at a computer console and work with computer-driven tools using an enlarged screen showing the tools at work… Read more »

Goodbye, Pepper!

Pepper was, according to SoftBank, its makers, the “first social humanoid robot.” It was the first to recognize human faces and human emotions. It was “optimized for human interaction,” and known for its cuteness. Just last winter, SoftBank added telepresence to Pepper’s skills, allowing healthcare workers to help people virtually during the pandemic. Pepper Concierge… Read more »

MKE Servomotors and Explosive Environments

Watching an explosion in a movie is something we all enjoy—explosions are exciting, attention grabbing, and make action movies fun. But you don’t exactly want an unplanned explosion going off at work. MKE servomotors are made to prevent disaster in explosive environments and are the best Rexroth servomotor for jobs that could potentially turn into… Read more »

Did the Pandemic Really Increase Automation?

The Economist is swimming against the tide on the question of how much influence the pandemic has had on the spread of automation. The majority position is that COVID-19 pushed automation to a position we weren’t expecting to see until years into the future. Whether robots came in to replace workers who could have gotten… Read more »

It All Started with a Hammer

When you look at your Rexroth drives and controls today, you probably don’t think of them as natural outgrowths of hand-forged iron hammers. Yet that was the beginning of the whole thing, back in 1795 when the Rexroth family’s iron foundry made fine iron hammers. A century later, they were using special casting methods that… Read more »

The Skills Gap: The Plot Thickens

The Skills Gap has been an issue in American manufacturing for many years. Only 20% of American college students major in STEM, and unfilled skilled jobs in manufacturing keep increasing. Solutions probably will require cooperation among industry, education, and the government. But a new study by Deloitte suggests that the problem has gotten worse in… Read more »

Why Closed Cabinets?

Your servo is or should be in a closed cabinet. Why? It’s not to protect you from the machinery but to protect the machinery from you. If your Indramat or Rexroth servo is malfunctioning, call us before opening up your cabinet. Our number is 479-422-0390. Static electricity One of the biggest problems in cool weather is static… Read more »

Taking Jobs? Not an Issue

One area in which robots have been on the horizon for a long time is food service. Flippy, Beastro, and their ilk have been able to perform some food service tasks for years, but they haven’t been ablate compete with the minimum wage human workers who can provide human contact with the burgers and lattes… Read more »

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