Rexroth Degree of Hazard Warnings

Usually when we talk about Rexroth warnings, we’re talking about error and warning codes. These are the messages your Rexroth machinery sends you when it’s overloaded, overheated, or generally kaput. Degree of hazard isn’t an issue, though degree of inconvenience may be. But Rexroth is also very concerned about human safety. There are warnings at… Read more »

Chicken House Roomba

When they’re lying around lethargically in a messy house, a robot not unlike a Roomba can clean up their mess and nudge them to get some exercise…Chickens, that is. Not those of us working remotely in the pandemic. Chickens need exercise, and they stay healthier in clean houses. Colin Usher of Georgia Tech has a… Read more »

Remote Work for Factory Hands?

Manufacturers may be allowing office workers to do their jobs remotely, but the workers on the line have to be physically present to do their work — right? An article in Industry Week says otherwise. Pointing to robot-assisted surgery, they suggest that the technology needed to operate robots remotely is now available. Remote factory work,… Read more »

Emotions Delay Automation

Automation is on the rise, but implementation is still not keeping pace with the availability of technology. Some readers may be surprised. After all, we frequently read enthusiastic announcements of robots’ ability to clean up oil spills, cook hamburgers, or take on some other practical task — and then discover that simulations suggest that they… Read more »

China Takes a Building for a Robotic Walk

A historic building in Shanghai walked to a new home with 200 robotic legs. The walk of about 200 feet took 18 days. The building weighs about 7,600 tons, and is too complex in shape to be driven to its new home on a flatbed. Thus, the walk. Strictly speaking, since the legs had wheels,… Read more »

Rexroth Diagnostic Messages

Rexroth electric motion control units won’t remind you of the movie Her, but they do their best to communicate with you. The messages they send are called “diagnostic messages.” These messages consist of a string of numerals followed by a string of text. If there are multiple messages, one will be shown at a time,… Read more »

3-D Printing’s New Trick

3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, has already been a game changer for manufacturing in some ways. Now it has a new capability that could be the revolutionary new development we’ve been waiting for. In traditional manufacturing, parts are made and then joined together. They can break apart. A new approach to 3-D printing creates something… Read more »

Does It Matter What Language Your Servos Use?

It depends what you mean by languages. On the one hand, some servo motors (and drives and controls) have to be programmed in specific machine languages. This can be an issue. The last guy who really knew the programming language for that system installed in 1987 has already retired. Now what? This is why Rexroth… Read more »

Rexroth Ecommerce

Rexroth has a new e-commerce website. That’s a good move, especially with a pandemic going on. Until now, if you wanted to pop a Rexroth motion control component into your cart, you had to go to eBay or Amazon. You’d be looking at used components fixed up by a third-party repair shop with parts from… Read more »

Liquid Cooled Indramat and Rexroth Motors

Liquid or water-cooled Indramat and Rexroth drives and servomotors are great for huge amounts of torque in small spaces, but all that condensation can wreak havoc on your Indramat and Rexroth equipment if you don’t take the proper steps to ensure against it. Your equipment is probably contained inside of a big climate-controlled case, but… Read more »

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