Music in the Factory

The use of music as a productivity tool in factories has a long history. It may reach back to sea shanties that kept sailors hauling away together. It certainly came into fashion as women replaced male factory workers during WWII. Manufacturers worried that the ladies would get bored and their minds would wander. Upbeat music… Read more »

Understanding Model Numbers for Rexroth and Indramat Servos

When you’re staring at a metal model name plate on an old Indramat servomotor and take a look at our list of motors we service, you might discover that your legacy model isn’t listed. This doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t service your model of Indramat servomotor. Just like the company name, the model numbers… Read more »

Reshoring in the Pandemic

We’ve been seeing reports that reshoring was on the rise for years, but the progress was actually sluggish. The gap between companies that said they would bring production back to the U.S. soon and the companies that actually did it ended up being disappointing. We seemed to start every year with a bold announcement that… Read more »

Rexroth Retrofit Case Study

When a machine lets you down, you have to consider replacing the machine entirely. When you call around to get information on this, you will probably talk with sales people. Their solution is almost always to buy new — sometimes to buy a whole room full of new stuff in fact. They make that fresh… Read more »

Indramat Authorized Repair Shops

In a forum post we read about a brake fault with an Indramat motor which turned out to be caused by the use of the wrong part in repairs. The poster said that he had then gone to an Indramat authorized repair shop and gotten the problem fixed. Happy ending. Except that there is no… Read more »

Happy Memorial Day

Remember and honor our veterans on Memorial Day, and celebrate the U.S.A. We wish everyone a safe, meaningful, and enjoyable holiday.

Robot Wrangling

The jury may still be out on whether robots will take our jobs, but one kind of job is growing as automation increases: robot wrangling. Why do robots need wrangling? The truth is, robots are good at doing certain kinds of tasks under certain circumstances, but when it comes to flexibility and adaptation, they are… Read more »

Can You Require COVID-19 Vaccination of Your Employees?

As factories reopen, along with other businesses, companies are struggling to find a way forward. If you reconfigured your lines to keep your workers six feet apart, do you have to keep them that way, or can you reconfigure to increase production? If you staggered shifts to reduce the number of worker, can you go… Read more »

Consumer Focus: Safety or Sustainability

Before the pandemic, sustainability was one of the biggest issues in manufacturing. Consumers and brands alike were emotional about environmentally responsible packaging, materials scientists were getting excited about new kinds of recyclable packaging, and machine designers vied for the greatest energy efficiency. The pandemic might have changed that. Safety, from pristine packaging to secure supply… Read more »

Third Party Repair Report

We’re specialists in Rexroth electric industrial motion control. We provide phone support, field support, and factory repair and reman. Normally, your motor comes back from the factory in like-new condition, or even better, with a new warranty. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. The most common reason? Third party repairs. A bad report When… Read more »

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