Rexroth at the Industry 4.0 Summit

We admit it: most of our clients do things like build cars, print packages, or whip paper cups together at dizzying speeds. As specialists in Rexroth electric drive and motion control, we do serious work.

But Rexroth is bringing a spirit of fun to the Industry 4.0 Summit. Right there in Manchester, UK, Rexroth is providing a virtual reality experience with a race car. Using a VR headset and the Rexroth e-Motion 2700 motion platform, all comers can get the experience of rally car racing — there’s even a prize for the fastest time.

More cool stuff in the Rexroth interactive display:

…and more.

Janette Kothe, Rexroth IIoT Solutions Architect, is one of the speakers for the Summit. Rexroth will also be participating in the Open Technology Forum with Electrification Manager Mike Lomax as a presenter.

Rexroth explained that they’re participating in the Factories of the Future exhibit as part of their support for the United Kingdom’s Made Smarter initiative.

This initiative focuses on adoption of IDTs (Industrial Digital Technologies) as well as leadership in an effort to keep UK manufacturing competitive. The focus is less on identifying specific tech updates — though they have listed robotics, 3D printing, augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence as examples — than on creating an environment that welcomes innovation. One aspect of the drive to create a “national digital ecosystem” is to retrain one million industrial workers over the next five years, so that Britain’s skills will support the launch of Industry 4.0.

They plan to create a Made Smarter UK Commission including government, academics, and industry leaders in hopes of placing Britain as a leader in Industry 4.0.

Rexroth is certainly a leader in Industry 4.0. Rexroth has smart factory automation technology ready to go right now. Early adopters can jump in with both feet, confident that Rexroth drive and control is equal to the task.

What if you have Rexroth legacy machinery from the 20th century? Keep it in good running order, retrofit as needed, and use the money you save to go to Manchester and try out that e-Motion 2700 rally car!

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