The Stars Tonight

We completely agree that Rexroth is the star in the firmament of industrial motion control, and this should be an inspiring video for your Friday coffee break.

Take a moment to think, too, about the fact that Rexroth, after centuries of experience and with its gargantuan global presence, still supports many of their legacy components.

It would be easy for them to quit supporting MAC motors or HVR power supply units, but they don’t take the easy way. They provide factory repair and reman for most of the legacy units that are still in service. They replace the wearable parts, text and clean everything thoroughly, re-coat the exterior, and provide a new factory warranty, allowing you to get years more work from your Rexroth drives, controls, and servos.

Not only would it be easy for Rexroth to quit providing that support, but it would probably also be profitable. You can just upgrade to a new part, but that’s not always the best decision. Depending on your configuration, your future plans, and your cash flow, it might be much better for you just to drop another TBM drive into the space where your current TBM drive is now.

If that’s the plan, we can provide emergency replacement units while your component is undergoing factory repair or reman, minimizing downtime and keeping you up and running while the repairs are completed.

Remember, third party repair shops don’t have access to original Rexroth parts. How do they get the parts they use in their repairs? We’ll leave it to your imagination. We know that we’d rather have original parts and we’d rather have the repairs done to the original specs. That comes with factory repair, not third party repair.

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Factory Repair services available with 24 hour turnaround.

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