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Indramat Personality Modules

Imagine that you could be bold and articulate for that meeting you have coming up, then shift to suave and charming for a date, and then shift easily to chill and fun for a trip to the lake with friends. When you imagine this, you have to additionally imagine that you make this change easily,… Read more »

The Indramat-Powered Home-Made Goat-Milking Machine

  Indramat servo motors are used for many things in many places, but this story — heard in a chat room so who knows if it’s true — is one of our favorites. There was a goat farmer in Namibia, with a farm some 50km outside of Windhoek. He raised Boer goats for meat, and… Read more »

Bosch Rexroth and The Car Industry

Next time you’re driving in your car, remind yourself that without consumer demand for better and safer cars, companies like Bosch Rexroth wouldn’t exist and manufacturing would be years behind where it is now. Car manufacturing has been a huge proponent for manufacturing innovation because of the heavy demands of the industry on manufacturing technology…. Read more »

Dinosaurs and Servo Repair

The largest animals to roam the earth are long gone. Servos, however, are still going strong. Since the 1800s, servo motors have been essential. They started out in ships and they’re still important in that field. Newport News has the world’s largest servo-based pipe bending machine to be made for their shipbuilding manufacturing. Fanuc now… Read more »

Why Do We Call It a Servomotor?

  You may call it a servo motor, servo-motor, servomotor, or just a servo. Indramat called their 20th century original an “AC Servo.” Why? Servo or cerveau? While it has been suggested that the French cerveau (brain) might be the root for this term, it’s more likely to be the Latin servus, which gives us… Read more »

It All Started with a Hammer

When you look at your Rexroth drives and controls today, you probably don’t think of them as natural outgrowths of hand-forged iron hammers. Yet that was the beginning of the whole thing, back in 1795 when the Rexroth family’s iron foundry made fine iron hammers. A century later, they were using special casting methods that… Read more »

Getting to Know the Indramat DKR

The Indramat DKR drive is specifically designed for high power, high stiffness applications such as printing, packaging, and textile operations. Essentially, the DKR drives were an outgrowth and an upgrade of the classic Indramat RAC drive. Bosch-Rexroth updated this family of drives and controllers, using HMV-R as the new name. Now these are in the… Read more »

Rexroth Is Unstoppable!

A company that has been in business for 225 years deserves a pop anthem, right? “What a journey it’s been!” “Some people feel like singing and dancing. Others do not, and that’s okay,” says the video. But being in business for 225 years gives you perspective. Wars, revolutions, plagues, disasters…Rexroth has seen them all. And… Read more »

Rexroth Indramat in America

Bosch Rexroth, the current owners of the company that used to be Indramat, began with a hammer foundry in 1795 in Elsavatal, Germany. The history of Rexroth Indramat in America didn’t begin until much later — almost two centuries later in 1967, when Rexroth Corporation set up as the importer of the German Rexroth products…. Read more »

The History of the Printing Press

We work with a lot of clients in the printing industry, so we were fascinated when we found out about the exciting history of the printing press. Seriously. Movable type It all started with Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, of course. Up till that time, printing a page meant engraving the whole page in mirror image… Read more »