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Ur Doin it Wrong

Or are you? The problem is, it can be very hard to distinguish between problems with your Rexroth Indramat motion control system and problems with the way you have it configured. Is it the machines, or the humans? We hear about problems, for example, when systems are shut down only once every year or two…. Read more »

Want to Double Your Throughput?

Improving throughput is almost always a goal in plants in every industry, since increased throughput leads to lower costs and increased profits — and who doesn’t like that? Often, managers assume that a significant increase in throughput is only possible with a significant upgrade in machinery — or maybe in staff. Calculating the ROI gets… Read more »

Testing Motion Control Performance

  We specialize in legacy Indramat motion control components. Chances are, if you use Indramat motion control, you’ve thought about testing them at some point. It might have been when you stumbled into a cabinet and opened it to find a servo older than yourself. Is this thing still performing as it should? you might… Read more »

How to Make an Indramat Repair More Effective

Here’s the most common scenario for Indramat motion control repairs: The machine stops. The engineer tracks down the servo in its cabinet. Like an archaeologist in a movie pulling a find from the rubble of some ancient ruin, he makes out the name on the side of the machine…”Indramat.” Usually at this point the roof… Read more »

Getting to Know Rexroth Indramat Error Messages

Rexroth acquired a company called Indramat in the 20th century. This company became the electric drive and control division of Rexroth. There are still legacy Rexroth Indramat machines in service today. Since they rarely have problems, you might see that Indramat name for the first time when something breaks down and you have to open… Read more »

Why Do We Call It a Servomotor?

  You may call it a servo motor, servo-motor, servomotor, or just a servo. Indramat called their 20th century original an “AC Servo.” Why? Servo or cerveau? While it has been suggested that the French cerveau (brain) might be the root for this term, it’s more likely to be the Latin servus, which gives us… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Errors

An error code that’s not really urgent keeps popping up. Instead of addressing it, you just keep going on about your day. It’s gotten to the point where you don’t even leave a note for the next shift to tell them the error popped up again today. It’s just expected. But what you should be… Read more »

The Dreaded F228 Error Code

Not a week goes by without multiple calls from clients asking about F228 faults on their Rexroth Servo Drives. The manual has a very dense explanation for a very simple error, which often times leads clients down the wrong path. F228 means that the motor can’t keep up with where it is supposed to be…. Read more »

Are You in Panic Mode because of Downtime?

You had to shut down your Rexroth Indramat equipment because it was having severe issues. That’s a big problem. We know our customers lose thousands of dollars every second their Rexroth machines are down. Between lost time, paying employees when they’re not producing, and the possibilities of losing orders, it’s a high stress situation. As… Read more »