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What Should You Know Before You Call Us?

  Often, we get calls from managers who are on the verge of panic because they’ve already tried dozens of things before they’ve called us. Easy solution: call us first.The number is (479) 422-0390, and if you have a problem right now, you can call us right now. We’re going to need some information from… Read more »

Indramat Lives On

We specialize in support and service forIndramat servo motors, drives, and controls. Since Indramat is now a part of Rexroth Bosch, we might think that the demand for service and support would be lessening, but once again today we saw a want ad for a drive and controls engineer specifying Indramat skilz. Why does Indramat… Read more »

Find Rexroth Indramat Manuals

You know that Rexroth Indramat product you have in your plant right now, the one acquired in 1980 — or 1970? Can you put your hands on the manual? I bet the answer is, “No.” That manual has probably biodegraded by now, or it’s in a water damaged box in the back of some forgotten… Read more »

Getting to Know Rexroth Indramat Error Messages

Rexroth acquired a company called Indramat in the 20th century. This company became the electric drive and control division of Rexroth. There are still legacy Rexroth Indramat machines in service today. Since they rarely have problems, you might see that Indramat name for the first time when something breaks down and you have to open… Read more »

What’s Wrong With My Rexroth Servo?

Rexroth and Indramat cabinets are very rarely ever opened. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see cabinets that have never been opened since they were installed originally when your manufacturing started years ago. Very few people actually know what goes on inside these cabinets and can tell you what’s going wrong with your servo drive… Read more »

Third Party Repair Report

We’re specialists in Rexroth electric industrial motion control. We provide phone support, field support, and factory repair and reman. Normally, your motor comes back from the factory in like-new condition, or even better, with a new warranty. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. The most common reason? Third party repairs. A bad report When… Read more »

Are You in Panic Mode because of Downtime?

You had to shut down your Rexroth Indramat equipment because it was having severe issues. That’s a big problem. We know our customers lose thousands of dollars every second their Rexroth machines are down. Between lost time, paying employees when they’re not producing, and the possibilities of losing orders, it’s a high stress situation. As… Read more »

Increased Uptime between Error Codes?

You’ll see assurances from some servo repair shops that increased uptime between error codes is their goal. Sometimes they specify “increased mean uptime.” Is that your goal? Increased mean uptime between error codes? This means they anticipate that your servomotor will fail again soon and they’re just hoping to extend the time between failures. Not… Read more »

Getting to Know the Indramat DKR

The Indramat DKR drive is specifically designed for high power, high stiffness applications such as printing, packaging, and textile operations. Essentially, the DKR drives were an outgrowth and an upgrade of the classic Indramat RAC drive. Bosch-Rexroth updated this family of drives and controllers, using HMV-R as the new name. Now these are in the… Read more »

Rexroth Is Unstoppable!

A company that has been in business for 225 years deserves a pop anthem, right? “What a journey it’s been!” “Some people feel like singing and dancing. Others do not, and that’s okay,” says the video. But being in business for 225 years gives you perspective. Wars, revolutions, plagues, disasters…Rexroth has seen them all. And… Read more »