The Future of Automation

Media mogul Steve Forbes will be the keynote speaker at Automate 2013 in January. Henrik Chritensen, Director of Robotics at Georgia Tech, will deliver the keynote at the Future of Robotics. Both will be talking about the U.S. Robotics Roadmap. This document (you can read it yourself by clicking through the link) starts by saying… Read more »

The Coming Industrial Revival

We told you last week that the U.S. industrial sector was doing okay, with an apparent slowdown the result of reflected problems in the European and Asian economies. Today the Financial Times is taking it a step further. “The US is on course to regain its status as a global industrial powerhouse,” Peter Marsh says,… Read more »

Indramat Test Video Review As a fan of Indramat and of movies, I couldn’t resist providing a critique of this, a rare film of an Indramat test. I don’t know why they’re as rare as they are, films in this genre. Since this one was filmed in Poland, we should not be surprised by the sweeping, almost vertiginous… Read more »

Luring Innovators into Motion Control

motion control design contest

Motion control is arguably one of the most important areas in modern engineering. As increased productivity becomes ever more important along with sustainability and energy efficiency, innovative industrial automation is one of the most obvious positive steps. And yet we have fewer STEM grads, and those who are excited by motion control are increasingly ending… Read more »

How’s the Industrial Sector Doing?

Not that well, frankly. America’s industrial sector is not as badly off as the rest of the world’s, but there’s reason to believe that the global industrial sector’s problems are affecting America. Growth in manufacturing in the U.S. has been contracting for three months, with last month signalling the fastest rate of loss so far…. Read more »

Getting to Know the Indramat DKR

The Indramat DKR drive is specifically designed for high power, high stiffness applications such as printing, packaging, and textile operations. Essentially, the DKR drives were an outgrowth and an upgrade of the classic Indramat RAC drive. Bosch-Rexroth still makes this family of drives and controllers, using HMV-R as the new name. DKR drives can handle… Read more »

The Indramat-Powered Home-Made Goat-Milking Machine

Indramat servo motors are used for many things in many places, but this story — heard in a chat room so who knows if it’s true — is one of our favorites. There was a goat farmer in Namibia, with a farm some 50km outside of Windhoek. He raised Boer goats for meat, and he… Read more »

Getting to Know the Indramat RAC Drives

Often the first contact we have from new customers takes place when they open a cabinet — a cabinet housing some piece of machinery which has never given them problems before — and see the word “Indramat.” “I called you,” they will explain, “because the broken thing is labeled Indramat.” If you’ve got an Indramat… Read more »

Trends in Industrial Automation

Financial analysts are tagging industrial automation as a good investment. They have some interesting reasons: The race to the bottom is over. With third-world countries running out of their cheapest labor supplies — rural workers with little training and low expectations — automation is becoming attractive to nations that haven’t considered it before. Increasingly strict… Read more »

Excited About American Made Goods?

You know how, once a subject comes up, you see it everywhere? This morning I was reading about how the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show (it’s trade show season everywhere, not just in motion control) had a new award: a miniature Sasquatch figure designed to celebrate American-made goods. Then I read Jerry Jasinowski’s interesting article about… Read more »

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