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Noise Pollution

“Noise pollution” sounds like a metaphor, but the EPA recognizes it as an actual form of pollution. It can be serious, too — excessive noise for long periods of time has been shown to cause not only the predictable hearing problems, but also stress related conditions like heart disease and ulcers. Noise pollution has even… Read more »

Industrial Wearables

Somewhere in your factory right now, there’s probably someone wearing a Fitbit — a discreet wristwatch-like device that tracks the number of steps they take and how they sleep. There might be someone with a wearable monitor for diabetes or another condition which hooks up to their phone to track health issues for them and… Read more »

Does It Matter What Language Your Servos Use?

It depends what you mean by languages. On the one hand, some servo motors (and drives and controls) have to be programmed in specific machine languages. This can be an issue. The last guy who really knew the programming language for that system installed in 1987 has already retired. Now what? This is why Rexroth… Read more »

The Scariest Movie Robots

In real life, robots aren’t all that scary. Follow basic safety rules (not that most of us do) and you can coexist with your servos and robots just fine. In the movies, it’s different. In honor of Halloween, we present some seriously scary robots: 1. Ash from Alien 2. The Drone Sphere from Phantasm 3…. Read more »

Where’s Your Servo?

Okay, you know where your particular servo is, but the truth is that servos are showing up in surprising places, including film studios. The company discussed in this video is German film studio The Marmalade. You know those commercials you see with a splash of beer spilling in golden loveliness into a crystalline glass? You… Read more »

Rexroth Nominated for Awards

Rexroth is celebrating five nominations in five categories in the Motion Control Industry Awards for 2017. The nominations Rexroth’s Operator Guidance System, created for Triumph Motorcycles, has been nominated for the Technical Innovation of the Year award. Rexroth has also been nominated for its offshore wind piling template, in the Product of the Year category…. Read more »

Robot Dancing Record

A new world record has been set. 1,007 dancing robots shook their mechanical booties for one full minute to accomplish this feat at the 2016 Qingdao International Beer Festival. While this is pretty cool to watch on video and must have been even more cool to watch in person, does it actually have value in… Read more »

Shadow IT and Automation

Shadow IT is what people call systems within an organization which grow up without explicit official approval, usually outside the IT department. So often the IT department doesn’t have time to provide for all the departments, doesn’t have the expertise within a particular area to meet the real needs of all the departments, or has… Read more »

Operating Room Nurse Day and Robots

It’s Operating Room Nurse Day, so we thought we’d talk with some operating room nurses about robots. This is one of the jobs that is threatened by robots. The OR nurses we spoke with agreed that their jobs could be done by robots. one showed us, holding her hands to demonstrate the specific movements she… Read more »

Hot Topics in Motion Control for 2012

What’s been big news this year in motion control? Here’s our Top Five: Energy efficiency Economic upturn Safety focus Skills gap Cloud potential   Did we miss your favorite? Add it in the comments!